What’s The #DoBiggerThings Billboard On Sheikh Zayed Road All About?

Have you ever wanted to see all that you aspire to become a reality? If you’ve seen the #DoBiggerThings billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, you’ll know that it’s a big white canvass representing your dreams – Samsung will visualize selected consumers’ aspirations with its illustration artists in the coming weeks. All you have to do is tell the brand what it is you most want to achieve in life by sharing it on social media by using the hashtag #DoBiggerThings. Selected participants will have their aspirations envisioned on the billboard for all to see.

“At Samsung, we believe in the power of you! Every time we innovate a new product or device, it is with you in mind. #DoBiggerThings is a national call to action – for everyone with ambitions to take action and begin bringing them to life, inspired by our latest Galaxy Note8 flagship, the device that inspires and empowers you to not just think, but do. The first step to success is visualization – you have to see it to be it – so join our movement and let us visualize your goals,” said Tarek Sabbagh, Head of IT & Mobile (IM) Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

For more info, please visit: Samsung.com/ae/dobiggerthings