du Wins Gallup Great Workplace Award For The 4th Consecutive Year

du has been recognised for its continued commitment to employees for the 4th consecutive year by the prestigious Gallup Great Workplace Award. Recognised for its extraordinary ability to create engaged workplace cultures that drive business outcomes, du is the only telecommunications company to win the Gallup Award in the world for its engaging and happy workplace.

The Gallup Great Workplace Award recognises exceptional organisations, whose leadership understands that employee engagement drives real business outcomes, and who have mastered how to engage their workforces. As the only telecommunications company amongst the 40 global organisations, du exemplifies engagement standards in the industry and for the region.

“At du, we are dedicated to adding life to life to people throughout the UAE, and especially our employees. We charge our workplace with positivity and ensure our employees are happy. As his Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, “in order to make your customers happy, you have to make your employees happy”. This is a philosophy we live by, and implement through various initiatives that we carry out as an organisation”, said Ibrahim Nasser, Chief Human Capital and Administration Officer, du.